Tuesday 29 November 2011

Last workshop of the year

Well we have celebrated our 5th birthday and now it's time for the final workshop of 2011 - where does the time go?! Our last workshop is always a busy one so here goes with a few reminders.

*Award time. Have you been lucky enough to win one this year?

*Christmas competition cards have been judged and winners will be announced tomorrow.

*Charity raffle so please remember to bring your prizes and money to buy tickets.

*Mood board ideas - looking ahead to next year please bring in projects, magazine articles, pictures or card samples so we can start to plan for next year.

*And somewhere in amongst all this we will find time to make some quick Christmas gifts including mini maze books, shopping list memo pads and gift boxes!

I'm exhausted just writing about it all!

Oh and there is one more thing - anyone recognise the party animal below?!! Michelle had a great 40th party at the weekend. She looks happy doesn't she?!! Thought you would like to see a picture of her cake too as it was decorated on a card making theme - amazing!

Her birthday is on Thursday so might have to squeeze in a quick round of "Happy Birthday" on Wednesday too!

See you tomorrow.

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