Monday 24 September 2012

Bring back the bling!!

September is nearly over so, as is traditional for ACMC, it is time to roll out all things bling in ready for Christmas! From here on in you will be covered in glitter, foil, flock, sequins and sticky gems - you have been warned!!

Demos this week include stamping with Flitter Glue, which allows you to use your Christmas rubber stamps with foil, glitter and flock. So if you have a favourite stamp that you think will look good with these products then do bring it along. It's a good way to give your old favourites a new lease of life. Club stamps will of course be available too.

Michelle will be showing you how to bling up some stamp designs with sequins, gems and buttons. The good news here is that there is a dragon fly and a butterfly stamp available too, so if you are not quite ready to cope with Christmas yet you have an alternative!

Your GB Olympic themed Challenge cards are due in this month too. So don't forget to bring them as you get one free workshop entry if you win - more money to spend on Christmas shopping then!!


  1. Such a beautiful cards - I love the colours and embellishments used. I am running a competition for World Card-Making Day on my blog ( and it would be if your members would join in. It is being sponsored by new craft magazine Make and Craft

  2. Thank you. I will pass your message on via email to our members too