Friday 16 November 2012

Christmas Decorations galore

First of all a big well done to everyone who entered the Christmas decoration competition. It was fascinating to see what amazing creativity you all have. All the decorations below began life as a household object. They have had all manner of crafty bits added to them. They have been collaged, folded, painted, glittered, glued etc and now have a new lease of life as Christmas decorations!!

1. Angel - made using bubble bath container, pan scourer and bottle tops

2. Green decoration - made from plastic bowl

3. Red and green decoration - made from ribbon reel

4. Angel - made using a wooden spoon

5. Garland - made from toilet roll tubes and napkins
Close up of garland 5.(above)
6. Handprint Wreath - made on a polystyrene pizza base

7. Christmas tree - made out of pages from Sunday supplement magazine

We'll be announcing a winner and runner-up at the next workshop on 28th November.

Our temporary move to the Scout Hut on 14th November proved to be very successful and all went very smoothly. Thank you to everyone who helped us to set up and tidy away. Your support was really appreciated.

Thanks to our efficient set up and prompt start we got a lot done on Wednesday. Kay's kitchen roll snowflakes went down a treat, even if there were some messy "glitter girls" on her table! I still don't think it is possible to glitter without creating mess anyway. I just hope the floor wasn't too messy the following morning for polling day! I'm sure we had used all colours of glitter so we didn't favour any one candidate!! (even if it only looks like two were represented from the photo below!)

The paper Finnish stars and 3D snowflakes were less messy, but perhaps slightly more intricate. Some good results were achieved all round with these too.

For demo notes on Finnish star click here.

For demo notes on the 3D snowflake click here.

And one or two Gingerbread men sneaked in along the way too!

You might all be interested to know too that we are featured on the Christmas Pie Crafts blog today! You may remember some time ago I sent you a link to Jill's blog when she was running a competition for World Cardmaking Day. (I entered a couple of my floral design cards and won a prize!) After that Jill invited me to be a Friday guest blogger. So have a read and see if you recognise any of your handiwork on the photos!

Less than two weeks to our next workshop. Details will be revealed soon, but don't forget to bring your charity raffle prizes.

See you then.

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