Monday 28 January 2013

New Year, New Ideas...

Hello and Happy New Year to you all! It's been a while but the crafting hasn't stopped even if the blogging has halted for a while! Michelle and I have been busy sorting out the schedule for the year ahead. We have had ideas and input from some of you and hopefully will manage to incorporate most of your requests into the forthcoming year's schedule. But it's not too late if you have a burning desire to revisit a technique or try something new, so please do bring any further ideas with you on Wednesday.

And talking of Wednesday...

... the focus will be "Envelopes". We always find we have lots left over with no card blanks and spares on top of that too. So we thought we would look at envelopes in general. Your choice of projects for Wednesday evening will be:
  • Create a crimped envelope and notecard (a useful project to recycle envelopes that have sealed themselves!)
  • Create a coordinated envelope and card (and even go back to basics creating your own card blank too)
  • Make heart shaped gift bags and envelopes
  • Create your own envelopes from scratch using templates and your own choice of patterned paper
  • Begin your first challenge of 2013...more details on Wednesday!
We also have new ideas regarding membership and competitions, and rather than a membership pack this year, you will get a "Project kit" that you can work on throughout the year. You will then be able to enter your finished work of art into our competition at Christmas. We will still run the Summer competition too, although it will obviously not be a membership pack competition this year. 

Don't forget to bring your Membership subscription money this month too if your membership is due to run out. 

And finally just to let you know that Kay is now online too. She has recently started her own blog to share some of her ideas and tips. You can link to it here and on the side bar - it is called Ink, Paint and Me. Check it out - she has only just launched but already has three posts and several crafty photos on there.

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