Sunday 21 April 2013

Pearl techniques...

Hopefully you are all getting on well with your humorous card challenge for next month (May workshop). If you didn't pick up a stamped image last month and would like one just ask us at this week's workshop as we have some spare. And don't forget to check on our link to Pinterest for inspiration with funny quotes.

We are getting closer to our deadline for the Pearl/30th Card competition, which is also due in at the May workshop, in time for judging at Village Day. So in order to give you a little helping hand towards the deadline, this week's workshop will be based around different pearl techniques.

We will have pearl card available, stick on pearls in a range of colours and we will be doing demos using Liquid Pearls and Cosmic Shimmer pearly powders. So if you have an idea already, you can use the available resources to get on with your card or you can get further inspiration from our demos.

See you there!

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