Monday 1 July 2013

Mirrors, mosaics and more!

Our second workshop for this week was our first Saturday workshop of the year! (It does make sense if you think about it!) At our Saturday workshops we can get stuck in to more in depth crafty projects as we have longer - all day if you so choose!! So for this workshop we chose mosaics and altered mirrors/boxes etc using bitumen and paint. See below for the results.

We had two groups of people for the mosaic workshop - a morning session and an afternoon session. As it is important that the tile adhesive dries, the pictures below are pre-grouting. We look forward to seeing photos of the finished items as the range of designs was amazing!

Our other workshop on Saturday was the bitumen technique, for producing an aged design, suitable for most wooden items with a reasonable flat surface area to work on. So mirrors, wooden boxes (including Turkish Delight boxes!) etc. Again some very impressive results.

Well done to you all and thank you to Kay and Michelle for the demos.


  1. WOW love the mosaics and the bitumen pieces, no décopatch then? BJ

  2. It was a lovely workshop - really enjoyed doing my mirror. Thank you to Claire, Michelle and Kay. Look forward to the next one.

  3. No customers for Decopatch this time! We aimed it at parents and children but I think there were too many school Summer Fairs on that day! We did manage one bangle towards the end.

    Glad you enjoyed it Linda!