Saturday 2 November 2013

October workshop photo gallery

Thank you to Kay and Michelle for their demos on Wednesday. Here are some piccies of the melt pots in action and some of the finished decorations. For more details on how to create these embellishments/decorations see Kay's Blog.

Hopefully with Michelle's decoration demo too, this has set you all well on your way with your Christmas challenge for our decoration swap.  For details on how to make these paper circle-based decorations follow the links below:

Icosahedron (above) 

Other shapes (as above) click here and here.

Or use die cut shapes folded in half and stuck back to back to create 3D snowflakes or baubles as in the pictures above.

Bring along your finished challenge decorations to the last workshop of the year (on November 27th.) and we will arrange for you to take home a different one for your tree!!

Don't forget that we have an earlier workshop in November aswell - on 13th. Your Altered Mirrors are due in on this workshop to allow us time to judge them and present prizes at the 27th November workshop. Looking forward to seeing what you heave created with your Ikea mirrors. Watch this space for photos...and for details of the next workshop...

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