Tuesday 10 December 2013

Last workshop photos for 2013

Slightly belated post this time as we had to wait until our final Award was presented. But on to that in a minute. I have lots of photos to post so will start with some of your creations from the last Ashtead workshop. Lots of decorated mini choc bars, rosettes, cards and gift boxes were made in final preparation for a crafty Christmas.

And now over to Claire and Michelle, in silly Santa hats again, to announce the winners of the Altered Mirror competition!

In third place, Mandy with her autumnal dog walk themed mirror. Good use of texture, techniques and colour.

In second place, Sue with her pastel floral themed mirror. Again good use of colour and a well balanced arrangement of embellishments.

And in first place, Linda with her collage of techniques. Linda put a lot of work into her mirror and used a whole range of techniques. Lots of different colours but carefully chosen to complement one another.

Well done to you all and enjoy spending your vouchers Linda and hope you all enjoy decorating your next mirror!

And now on to the awards. This year our theme was inspired by the "Juan Sheet" technique and members were all presented with our equivalent of advertising Oscars - the Juans!! Each award was based on a different advertising slogan, carefully selected to sum up what the award was for!!

Brenda - The "Duracell" award for Loyalty and Attendance. ("Still going!")

Rachael - The "Nokia" award for Social Networking and bringing new members to the Club. ("Connecting People")

Sheila - The "Esure" award for Patience and Perseverance. (Calm down dear it's only a ...craft project!")

Carol - The "Mr Kipling" award for "Exceedingly Good...Cards!

Karen - The "Milk's Gotta Lotta Bottle" award for Active Support and being Milk Monitor.

Linda - The "Tesco" award for Active Support and sweetie monitor. (Every Little Helps)

Kay - The "Apple" award for Active Support and creative input (Think Different)

And finally, the winner of our "Juan Sheet" Juan award was Billy-Jane for Best Newcomer. 

Billy was presented with her award on Monday at Tadworth, which sadly was also our last meeting there. Our members there had a little surprise up their sleeves for us too. We each received a tub of chocolates and a lovely basket of flowers with a personalised tag made by Billy. (see below)

Thank you very much to everyone at Tadworth and a special thank you to Billy-Jane for our lovely tags and for organising swapping email addresses. We hope to see some of our Tadworth members at some of our Ashtead meetings next year. Keep in touch!

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  1. Lovely post what great awards and well done Linda in the mirror competition.
    Claire and Michelle, thanks for all your hard work organising the club nights.
    Just add a hyphen and you'll be there with the name, trust me it has been the bane of my life! Billy-Jane.