Friday 21 February 2014

Double demo post...

Been a busy half term, so am combining the post-January workshop post with the pre-February post if that makes any sense at all! So without further ado, here are some of the piccies from the January die cut and die cut negative workshop. Thanks to Kay and Michelle for their demos.

This month our theme is "Book Page projects". We will be using pages from second hand books, dictionaries etc as backgrounds or to create embellishments. Here is a little taster.

Also your challenge - due in for the March workshop is to create a book page journal page (see sidebar and Pinterest for more details). You can have a go at the workshop or tear out a page to take home with you. Here's a couple I made earlier - quite enjoyed the doodling and poetry. See if you can guess the books they are taken from!! (If you look closely you should see big clues!)

Dictionary or Encyclopedia page

Book page poetry
For further details of all the journal challenges click here or on the sidebar for the instruction page.

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