Thursday 8 May 2014

Top tiles...

A big thank you to Kay and to Sue who did our demos last week. And very well done to Sue on her first demo for us at the club. Our theme was "Not simply stamping" so both techniques focused on using stamps in a slightly different way. The layered stamp technique is demonstrated below.

In this example two squares of white card have been cut to different sizes. The smaller square has been stuck down in the centre of the larger square using low tack tape or low tack glue. The stamp was then inked up and stamped down on to both pieces of card.

The result is as shown in this picture. The depth of the card, although not very thick, creates a white border around the smaller square where no ink is stamped. It can be left as it is...

...or both pieces can be matted and mounted on to a card blank, creating the effect of layering the stamped image. Gives a great monochrome effect when the card is matched to the ink colour too.

More examples of the technique and the completed cards. Love the black and white!

The technique can also be applied to printed papers - doesn't have to be restricted to stamping.

Sue's demo focused on creating a tiled effect from stamped images, either by stamping the image, cutting it up and then mounting it on backing card...
...or by first scoring your card in a tiled pattern and then stamping your image over the top. This worked brilliantly on the pearl glossy card. Sue also demonstrated how to use a cut out spare tile piece to mask the stamped tiles and ink up the edges with distress ink to give a shaded 3D effect to each tile.

The feather stamp worked really well and proved to be quite popular.

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