Tuesday 24 June 2014

Alcohol Inks Anonymous!!

No ACMC hasn't changed it's name! Just the title of tomorrow's workshop. We haven't used our alcohol inks for a while so we decided to bring them out again and as always you can revisit familiar techniques or have a go at a few new ones. Alcohol inks work best on non-porous surfaces, so tomorrow night Michelle will be showing you how to create the psychedelic tiles above. She will also show you how to ink up washers to create pendants for making into necklaces.

I'll be in the card corner, where you can experiment with dropping the ink directly on to acetate or glossy paper, then either letting it do it's "thing" or blowing it with straws to create floral designs. Or you can experiment with "painting" with the ink to create landscape pictures. 

It could be messy so you might want to bring an apron!

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