Tuesday 17 November 2015

Wreaths and decorations

You made some gorgeous creations on Wednesday. Most popular were the cone wreaths.

A few people had a go with the polystyrene wreath forms too - here's Mandy's...

A few of you also had a go at the jigsaw wreaths - creating double sided decorations for the tree this time. 

And a card too!

There was also some free-styling going on with Michelle's bargain stars from Wilkos!

The challenge cards were in and voted for - winners will be announced at the next workshop and first place will start the New Year with a free workshop.

And of course your Card Box Challenge was due in. Entries can be seen below - very impressive! Lots of hard work gone into these. Judging for these is underway and winners will be announced at the final workshop of the year.

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