Saturday 9 April 2016


At our March workshop we spent our time making charms and beaded items. We were also "charmed" by our youngest ever participant - 3 week old Martha - Katharine's new addition. Massive congratulations to Katharine and family!! Martha was very well behaved throughout and several of you enjoyed your cuddles!!

Whilst not holding the baby, here are some of the things you got up to!!

Jewellery mesh and beaded bracelet

Friendly plastic

Shrink plastic 


Beaded book mark and bag charms

Beaded bookmarks


Lots of variety and not a bad evening's work really considering we were a bit distracted!

There were three entries in our "Fold It" challenge which you also found time to vote for on the night. The winner will be announced next month. Sue W (on holiday in the Isle of Wight this month!) was the winner of the Cut It challenge. Well done Sue!

Your new challenge, due in at the April workshop, is "Wear It", in keeping with our jewellery theme.




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