Monday 22 September 2014

Everything but a stamp...

Good evening. Just to let you know what we will be doing on Wednesday's workshop. As you can see from the title we will be stamping, but using anything apart from stamps! There will be a few options available with mini demos available from me, with Karen on hand to assist. (Michelle is off to the Ashley Centre Awards Ceremony - come on Lakeland!!) And yes a few Christmas cards are starting to creep in on this workshop but we are not full on into Christmas just yet.

So here's a few piccies and ideas of things to use as "stamps":

Fingerprint stamping

Carving stamps out of erasers and using funky foam stickers on bottle tops

Cutting out foam shapes using the Cuttlebug or scissors then using a sharp pencil to etch a design 

Inking up Cuttlebug embossing folders before running them through the machine

Don't forget to bring your "Hot, hot, hot/melted" challenge pages so we can vote for our next winner. A new challenge will be announced this week.

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