Thursday 25 September 2014

Meet the new stamp designers...

Lots of "busy bees" and creativity flowing on Wednesday night. We'll never need to buy stamps again! Here are the artistic products of this month's workshop.

Monica and Val enjoyed the fingerprint art.

Sue's completed fingerprint cards. Click here to find where our ideas came from.

Carol used a funky foam bottle top stamp for her background and drew her own dragonfly design in funky foam to create the print.

Brenda discovered that her roller cutter made an effective pattern on her funky foam flower.

Katharine drew her own design on to funky foam to create a monkey card for her little boy.

Kay B drew and cut out this striking flower design using funky foam.

From where Karen was sitting it looked like something else though! Well done on keeping a straight face Kay!!

Karen cut out a quirky little house from an eraser and created a "New Home" card.

Sally and Billy made their own Christmas Tree eraser stamps and created a trio of cards each.

Linda W made a snowflake background using distress ink on a Cuttlebug embossing folder.

While all this was going on Michelle was stuffing her face at the race course and Lakeland received the award for Marketing Initiatives! Well done Michelle and Lakeland!

And well done to our second and third place winners of the ink blot challenge from last month - Kay B 2nd and Linda W 3rd.

Winners of the "Hot, hot hot" challenge will be announced at the next workshop and don't forget that your completed journals (with a minimum 10 pages) are due in at the November 12th workshop. So get stamping with those fruit and veg!!

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